Real Yields: Get Real Returns from Real Companies

In the ever-evolving world of finance, cryptocurrencies have taken center stage, with their meteoric rise attracting both avid investors and curious enthusiasts. However, for those seeking more stable returns and a proven track record, there is another option: real yields from real companies. Lucas Baker, a prominent finance expert, suggests that combining the capital markets with blockchain technology can provide a promising alternative.

Introducing DeFis (Decentralized Finance) – a form of highly attractive on-chain lending and financing that offers real yields to its users. Instead of relying on volatile crypto tokens, DeFis provide a more stable foundation by offering loans and financing directly from real companies. These lenders have a proven track record and a reserve of good borrowers, ensuring high-yield returns.

In Asia, where traditional banks often fall short in providing inclusive and accessible financial services, DeFis have become the go-to option for many. Almavest, one of the leading fintech firms in Uganda, has been providing loans and financing for small businesses directly through their DeFi platform. This has not only fostered economic activity but also further expanded financial inclusion in the region.

According to a recent study, eight out of ten lenders in Kenya are now offering DeFi as a strategic step in assessing the potential of blockchain-based protocols. While the DeFi market is still relatively new, it is already creating an attractive ecosystem, where businesses can invest and assess their activities in real time. This exclusive approach has led to the emergence of automated ventures, such as Addem, a smart fintech platform that provides on-chain financing for various businesses.

The impact of DeFis is not limited to Africa alone. In fact, many experts believe that this evolving sector will have a significant worldwide impact, as more individuals and businesses recognize the need for stable, high-yield returns. By combining the best of traditional finance with the innovation of blockchain technology, DeFis are providing a reliable alternative to the volatile crypto market.

Why Real Yields Matter

Real yields play a crucial role in investment decisions, especially when considering risk-adjusted returns. While traditional investments such as stocks and bonds offer potential returns, they are also subject to market fluctuations and economic downturns. In contrast, real yields focus on the actual returns generated from real companies and assets, providing a more stable and reliable source of income.

One of the key advantages of real yields is their ability to provide consistent returns, even in times of market volatility. By investing in only one real company or asset, investors can mitigate the risks associated with diversification and focus on generating income from a single source. This approach is particularly appealing to institutional investors and individuals looking for stable and predictable returns on their capital.

Fintechs have played a significant role in the evolution of real yields by introducing innovative platforms and technologies. Companies like Certik and Almavest offer yield-generating opportunities by lending funds to borrowers secured by real-world assets. For example, by utilizing stablecoins like USDC, these platforms enable individuals to earn real yields by lending their funds to borrowers in need.

Another novel approach to real yields is the concept of decentralized finance (DeFi). In this space, individuals can lend their digital assets to borrowers and earn interest in return. Projects like Addem and Cauris in Uganda are creating a network of borrowers and lenders, opening up new opportunities for individuals and institutions to earn real yields.

The importance of real yields goes beyond just financial incentives. Real yields have the potential to drive economic growth and promote financial inclusion. By expanding access to yield-generating investments, more individuals and communities can benefit from the potential returns offered by real companies and assets. This not only creates opportunities for wealth accumulation but also fosters economic development and social mobility.

To ensure the stability and reliability of real yields, proper vetting of companies and assets is necessary. Platforms like Maqubela and Trust offer services to verify the legitimacy and potential of real companies, providing investors with a level of trust and confidence in their investment choices. Experts such as Arianna and Kunal specialize in vetting real-estate projects and other investment opportunities, ensuring that only proven and reliable options are presented to investors.

In conclusion, real yields combine the financial incentives of traditional investments with the potential of real-world assets and companies. This evolution in investment opportunities has opened up new possibilities for individuals and institutions to generate steady and reliable returns. By focusing on real yields, investors can benefit from the stability and predictability they offer while contributing to economic growth and financial inclusion.

Investing in Real Companies

Investing in real companies can be a valuable way to make native investments that directly match the needs and interests of investors. By investing directly in real companies, investors have the opportunity to fully explore the potential of different industries and regions, such as Asia and Africa. For example, by investing in high-yield senior loans backed by automated incentives, investors can provide means for companies in Africa and Asia to access liquidity that may otherwise be owed to traditional banking institutions.

One company that offers this service is Almavest, a platform that pools the liquidity owed by diverse companies and provides it to borrowers in need. Almavest uses a combination of on-chain and off-chain assets, with their platform powered by proven decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions. By investing in Almavest, investors can access exclusive options and be part of a community that picks real companies with proven potential.

Goldfinchs is another company that allows investors to invest in real companies directly. Their platform brings together investors and borrowers, allowing investors to lend their capital to small and medium-sized companies. Instead of previously relying on banks for loans, these companies can now access the liquidity they need directly from investors. Through Goldfinchs, investors can earn attractive returns by investing in real companies and helping them grow.

The Proven Potential of Real Companies

Investing in real companies can offer attractive returns compared to traditional investment options, especially in a low-interest rate environment. By investing in real companies, investors have the opportunity to earn higher rates of return and diversify their portfolios. For example, investing in high-yield senior loans with Almavest or lending capital through Goldfinchs can offer potentially higher returns compared to other investment options.

Real companies also offer the potential for global exposure, allowing investors to diversify their portfolios across different industries and regions. Through platforms like Almavest and Goldfinchs, investors can access investment opportunities in emerging markets, such as Africa and Asia, where there may be a consensus that these markets have untapped potential for growth. By investing in real companies in these regions, investors can capitalize on the opportunities provided by the expanding economies and increasing consumer demand.

Overall, investing in real companies can provide investors with the opportunity to make native investments that directly match their investment preferences and goals. By investing in high-yield senior loans and lending capital to real companies, investors can earn attractive returns, diversify their portfolios, and contribute to the growth of businesses in emerging markets.

Real Yields Explained

Real yields have become a popular investment choice for those looking to match their interests with attractive rewards. With the evolution of decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, investors now have the opportunity to explore real-world asset-backed investments that offer higher returns than traditional financial markets.

The concept of real yields is simple: instead of investing in crypto or traditional markets, investors can lend their assets to trusted companies and receive interest in return. This means that investors can earn real returns from real companies, backed by tangible assets or collateral.

One example of a company offering real yields is Cauris Almavest, a fintech platform based in Uganda. They assess the cost of borrowing against a collateralized loan and offer attractive interest rates to lenders. This approach provides an accessible and proven way for investors to earn real yields.

Another example is Goldfinch, a decentralized lending protocol that aims to bring financial inclusion to emerging markets. They offer real yields by doing smart work on-chain, where borrowers can request loans based on their real-world collateral and lenders can earn attractive returns while mitigating their risks.

The use of stablecoins, such as USDC, as a means for lending and borrowing has also made real yields more accessible. Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to a stable asset, like the US dollar, which reduces volatility and provides a reliable value for lenders and borrowers.

In conclusion, real yields offer investors the opportunity to earn attractive returns from real-world assets. By assessing the cost and risks associated with lending and borrowing, investors can make informed decisions about where to invest their assets. Whether it’s through trusted companies like Cauris Almavest or decentralized platforms like Goldfinch, investors can now participate in real yield opportunities and diversify their investment portfolios.

What are Real Yields

Real Yields are a type of investment that allows individuals to earn returns by lending their assets to real companies. Unlike traditional investments, where returns are earned through financial instruments like stocks and bonds, Real Yields provide an opportunity to directly lend to businesses.

With Real Yields, individuals can earn income from their assets without the need for intermediaries. Through platforms like noon and GFI, investors can lend their assets directly to borrowers, who provide collateral for the loan. This collateral can be in the form of real estate, equipment, or other tangible assets that provide security for the lender.

Real Yields are not just accessible to large institutional investors or visionaries. They can be utilized by anyone looking to earn a return on their investments. Whether you have a small amount of capital to invest or a larger sum, Real Yields offer an opportunity to earn income through lending.

One of the key benefits of Real Yields is that they are uncorrelated with traditional financial markets. This means that even if the stock market or other investment markets are experiencing volatility or a downturn, Real Yields can provide a stable and reliable source of income.

Real Yields have been around for a long time, with lending being a fundamental activity in the financial world since ancient times. However, with the advent of blockchain technology and the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), Real Yields have become more accessible and efficient.

The lending process in the world of Real Yields is highly secure and transparent. Smart contracts on the blockchain ensure that loans are secured and that interest rates and repayment terms are enforced. This eliminates the need for intermediaries and streamlines the lending process.

Real Yields can be utilized in various industries and sectors. For example, in emerging markets like Mexico, Real Yields have the potential to revolutionize lending by providing access to capital for small businesses and startups that may not have access to traditional financing options.

In addition to traditional lending, Real Yields can also be utilized in other ways. For example, by creating liquidity pools, Real Yields providers can allow individuals to invest their assets into a pool that is then utilized for lending purposes, providing a diversified approach to earning returns.

Real Yields are a proven investment strategy that has been used by individuals and companies around the world. With the combined work of companies like addem Ventures, Real Yields are expanding their reach and providing accessible lending options to individuals in Latin America and beyond.

So, if you’re looking for a risk-adjusted investment strategy that provides secured returns and is not limited to the traditional financial markets, Real Yields may be the solution for you. With the increasing popularity of decentralized finance and the demand for accessible lending options, Real Yields are becoming a dominant force in the investment world.

How to Calculate Real Yields

How to Calculate Real Yields

If you are interested in calculating real yields, there are a few key factors to consider. One important factor is the incentives for borrowers and lenders. The incentives for borrowers can include lower interest rates and access to capital, while the incentives for lenders may include higher returns on their investment. These incentives will shape how real yields are calculated.

To calculate real yields, it is important to consider how the funds will be utilized. If the funds will be invested in the market, it is crucial to assess the potential returns and risks associated with the investments. Highly volatile assets can bring higher returns but also higher risks. On the other hand, more stable assets may provide lower returns but with less risk. An important aspect of calculating real yields is understanding the market and the potential returns and risks associated with different investments.

Borrowers and lenders play a crucial role in determining real yields. Borrowers need to have good creditworthiness, which means they have a history of repaying their debts and are considered low-risk borrowers. Lenders, on the other hand, need to have a good credit rating and be willing to take on the risk associated with lending money. It is important to note that the real yield is not just determined by the interest rate, but also by factors such as the creditworthiness of the borrowers and lenders.

Another important factor to consider when calculating real yields is the model or system used. For example, in the decentralized finance (DeFi) model, native tokens are utilized to facilitate the lending and borrowing process. These tokens are used as collateral and provide a means to participate in the DeFi system. It is always important to consider the source and participation in the DeFi system when calculating real yields.

The world of crypto has opened up new avenues for calculating real yields. With the expanding market, platforms like CoinGecko and GFI have come into play, offering tools and insights into crypto investments. This is a good way to leverage your crypto investments and gain real returns.

Greenway is a platform that focuses on the potential of crypto-to-real assets. It aims to bridge the gap between the crypto world and traditional assets. By combining the work of crypto enthusiasts with traditional financial markets, Greenway believes it can provide a safer and more stable backing for real yields.

Off-chain investments are another novel approach to calculating real yields. These investments are made outside of the blockchain and can offer higher returns. However, they also come with their own risks, such as counterparty risk. It is important to carefully consider these risks when calculating real yields.

What sets real yields apart from other types of yields is the automated ease of calculating and determining returns. Through the use of protocols such as smart contracts, the calculation of real yields becomes a streamlined and efficient process. This means that investors can easily assess the potential returns and risks associated with their investments.

In conclusion, calculating real yields requires a thorough understanding of the market, incentives, and models utilized. By carefully considering these factors, investors can gain a good understanding of the potential returns and risks associated with their investments.

Benefits of Real Yields

Benefits of Real Yields

Real yields, offered by platforms like Cauris by ALMAVEST, are gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency space. These types of loans allow investors to earn real-world yields from their crypto assets, enabling them to participate in traditional, real-world economic activity.

One of the main benefits of real yields is that they provide investors with a way to generate returns from their cryptocurrency holdings that are tied to real-world assets and activities. Unlike other forms of decentralized finance (DeFi) lending, real yield lending platforms like Cauris allocate funds to borrowers in a secured and institutionalized manner, ensuring that the loans are backed by real-world assets and have a higher chance of success.

Furthermore, by offering real yields, platforms like Cauris are creating an ecosystem where lenders and borrowers can reach each other more easily. Borrowers can access financing that they need to pursue their business activities, while lenders can earn interest on their crypto assets by providing liquidity to the platform.

One standout feature of real yield lending is that it is accessible to a wide range of borrowers, including those who may not have access to traditional banking services. This can be especially valuable in regions like Asia, where traditional lending is often less accessible or restricted. Real yield lending platforms like Cauris provide a more inclusive and accessible model for borrowers from various backgrounds, helping to bridge the gap between traditional finance and crypto.

Real yields also offer investors the opportunity to diversify their crypto portfolio. Instead of solely relying on volatile cryptocurrencies, investors can allocate a portion of their assets to real yields, which are more stable and less affected by market fluctuations. This helps to create a more balanced portfolio and reduces overall risk.

In conclusion, real yields offered by platforms like Cauris provide a unique and beneficial opportunity for investors to earn returns from their crypto assets. By tying the yields to real-world assets and activities, these platforms are expanding the reach of crypto and fostering a more inclusive and accessible financial ecosystem.

Maximizing Returns

When it comes to maximizing returns, many investors are turning to the expanding world of fintechs. These companies have been making waves in the financial industry by providing innovative solutions that go beyond just being a lender. They strive to be a one-stop-shop for all your financial needs.

One of the most successful fintechs in this space is Almavest. By utilizing their unique forward-funding model, they are able to provide good returns to their investors. The success of Almavest is tied to their active community of backers who trust in their proven system. This system is designed to match high-yield opportunities with real-world assets, making it a win-win for both investors and borrowers.

What sets Almavest apart from other providers is their novel approach to financing. They have taken the concept of crypto-to-real world and expanded it into a range of investments. This means that whether you’re looking for stable income or high-risk, high-reward ventures, Almavest has something to offer.

By combining real-world assets as collateral and utilizing on-chain liquidity, Almavest is able to provide competitive rates for their investors. This means that you can maximize your yields without the need for traditional intermediaries. With their unique system, Almavest has astounded many people in the financial industry.

What makes Almavest even more appealing is the ease at which you can get started. With just a phone call, you can set up an account and begin investing. There is no need to scratch your head and figure out complex processes. Almavest has taken care of all the technicalities, so you can focus on maximizing your returns.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted platform that provides good returns on your investments, Almavest is the way to go. Their proven system, secured by real-world assets, ensures that your money is in good hands. With their expanding range of offerings and competitive rates, Almavest is the platform to trust for maximizing your returns.

Reducing Risk

When it comes to investing, reducing risk is always a top priority. We believe that by providing a highly curated selection of real companies, we can help investors mitigate risk and achieve real returns. Our service is designed to assess the financial health, growth potential, and industry positioning of each company in our ecosystem, so that investors can make informed decisions.

One of the ways we reduce risk is by partnering with experienced and proven companies like Baker Hill, Coingecko, and Tugende. These backers have a track record of success and bring valuable expertise to our platform. By leveraging their knowledge and networks, we can further assess and monitor the companies we invest in, ensuring that our investors are exposed to minimal risk.

Another way we reduce risk is by offering a diverse range of investment choices. Instead of solely investing in unsecured loans or assets, we provide access to a range of real companies across different sectors. This approach helps to create a portfolio that is uncorrelated to traditional markets and increases the potential for risk-adjusted returns.

We also believe in the power of data and technology to reduce risk. Through our exclusive protocol and participation in various pools, we can analyze and monitor the performance of our investments. This data-driven approach allows us to identify trends and make informed decisions, further reducing the risk for our investors.

In conclusion, at Real Yields, we prioritize reducing risk to ensure that our investors can achieve real returns. By partnering with experienced backers, offering a diverse range of investment choices, and utilizing data and technology, we are able to mitigate risk and provide a platform for investors to participate in the success of real companies.

Real Yields at Tugende

At Tugende, we believe that access to capital and the opportunity to work are meant for everyone, regardless of their financial background. We offer loans to entrepreneurs who may have been excluded from traditional financial institutions and help them reach their business goals.

Our model is based on the proven success of Tugende’s senior team, who have years of experience in the financial industry. We combine market-based approaches with a focus on social impact to explore and vet different loan options for our borrowers.

One example of our unique approach is the Tugende Greenway Design (TGD) model. Through this model, we provide high-yield loan options to borrowers who are working in the green sector, such as renewable energy or sustainable agriculture. These loans not only help entrepreneurs access the capital they need but also create a positive impact on the environment.

For borrowers who may default on their loans, we have introduced the Almavest project. Almavest is an automated defi platform that allows lenders to earn interest on their capital. By introducing this innovative technology, we aim to reduce the cost of lending and make it more attractive for lenders while ensuring a fair and sustainable system.

Another initiative we are introducing is the Goldfinchs Capital Rewards program. Through this program, borrowers who make timely loan repayments and meet their business goals will earn carbon rewards. These rewards can be used to access additional financial services or invest in new ventures, further empowering entrepreneurs to succeed.

In conclusion, at Tugende, we are dedicated to creating a lending model that is both socially impactful and financially sustainable. Through our innovative approaches and partnerships, we aim to provide access to capital for entrepreneurs who may have been overlooked by traditional institutions. If you are looking for a high-yield investment opportunity or interested in supporting entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa, Tugende is the platform for you.

About Tugende

Tugende is a company that was founded in Uganda with a mission to provide financial assistance to small business owners who do not have access to traditional banking services. The company picks the real work needs of these entrepreneurs and lends them the necessary funds directly, avoiding the high interest rates charged by middlemen. Tugende’s marketplace approach aims to drive growth for these real companies by offering ease and efficiency through automated lending.

Tugende’s unique offering is closely tied to the defi (decentralized finance) and crypto community. With their automated lending platform, they optimize the lending process and make it more accessible and efficient for borrowers, eliminating the need for collateral. Tugende directly connects lenders and borrowers, providing unsecured loans, which are rare in the traditional financial market. This approach has proven to be highly successful, as Tugende has astounded the market with its sustainable growth.

Key Features:

  1. Direct lending platform: Tugende connects lenders and borrowers directly, eliminating the need for intermediaries.
  2. Real returns from real companies: Tugende focuses on lending to small businesses that have demonstrated real growth potential, ensuring higher returns for investors.
  3. Automated lending process: Tugende’s platform is automated, making it more efficient and reducing the processing time for loan applications.
  4. Community-driven approach: Tugende works closely with the crypto and defi community, leveraging their expertise and market consensus to optimize lending practices.
  5. Sustainable growth: Tugende’s lending model is designed to promote sustainable growth for the borrowers and the overall community by providing access to much-needed capital.

With their success in Uganda, Tugende is now expanding its operations to other countries in Africa, such as Kenya and Rwanda. The company’s goal is to make a significant impact in improving financial inclusion and economic opportunities for small businesses across the continent. Tugende’s innovative approach and proven track record make it a key player in the emerging field of decentralized finance and real yield investments.

Investment Opportunities at Tugende

Tugende is a fintech company that offers investment opportunities tailored for those looking for real returns from real companies. With Tugende, you can invest in proven borrowers and earn real-world returns, rather than relying on traditional investments that may not offer the same level of profitability.

Previously, investing in real companies may have been limited to those with large amounts of capital. However, Tugende allows you to invest in bits of loans, making it accessible to a wider range of investors. This decentralized approach gives individuals the opportunity to diversify their investments and have a direct impact on the borrowers they support.

One example of a real company you can invest in through Tugende is Goldfinch. Goldfinch is a decentralized protocol that provides on-chain underwriting for loans to borrowers in need. By investing in Goldfinch, you can take advantage of the demand for loans and earn interest on your investments.

Tugende also offers access to other decentralized finance (DeFi) opportunities, including liquidity pools. These pools allow investors to provide liquidity to the market and earn fees in return. By utilizing Tugende’s platform, you can match your investment choices with your own risk tolerance and financial goals.

With Tugende, you can trust that your investments are making a real impact. The company has a proven track record of providing loans to borrowers in need and has a community of investors who have benefited from their investments. By investing through Tugende, you can support borrowers and also earn attractive returns on your investment.

Investing with Tugende is an opportunity to participate in the global fintech movement. By investing in real companies, you can help create a more inclusive financial system that benefits both borrowers and investors. If you’re looking for investment opportunities that offer both returns and impact, Tugende could be the platform for you.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the meaning of real yields?

Real yields refer to the returns on investments that take into account the effects of inflation. In other words, it’s the return an investor receives after adjusting for inflation.

How can investors get real returns from real companies?

Investors can get real returns from real companies by investing in stocks or bonds issued by these companies. By choosing companies that have a proven track record of generating profits and providing steady returns, investors can increase their chances of getting real returns.

What is Addem Capital?

Addem Capital is a company that specializes in helping investors achieve real returns by identifying investment opportunities in real companies. They analyze companies’ financial statements and conduct thorough research to identify undervalued stocks and bonds that have the potential to provide real returns.

Why is it important to consider inflation when investing?

It is important to consider inflation when investing because it erodes the purchasing power of money over time. If an investor does not account for inflation when calculating their investment returns, they may end up with lower purchasing power in the future.

How does Addem Capital identify undervalued stocks and bonds?

Addem Capital identifies undervalued stocks and bonds by analyzing companies’ financial statements and conducting in-depth research. They look for companies that have solid fundamentals, such as strong earnings growth, low debt levels, and attractive dividend yields. By identifying companies that are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value, Addem Capital can help investors achieve real returns.

What strategies does Addem Capital use to achieve real returns?

Addem Capital uses a combination of fundamental analysis and value investing strategies to achieve real returns. They focus on identifying companies that have strong fundamentals and are trading at a discount to their intrinsic value. By taking a long-term approach to investing and holding investments for the long term, Addem Capital aims to generate real returns for their clients.


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    • DeFis, or Decentralized Finance, offer a unique approach to generating financial returns. Unlike cryptocurrencies, DeFis rely on the capital markets and blockchain technology to provide stable and proven lending and financing options. Instead of relying on volatile crypto tokens, DeFis directly connect borrowers and lenders, utilizing the reserve of good borrowers from real companies. This ensures a more secure and reliable foundation for high-yield returns. With DeFis, users can enjoy the benefits of real yields without the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.+

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