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There are various ways Stratos can grow your business and enhance your customer's experience. We offer different partner programs including promotional, co-branding, card issuer and distribution opportunities.

Card Issuers & Networks

The Stratos issuer program sets up your card as a top of wallet experience for cardholders. Stratos helps you take your card to the next level by providing detailed insights on consumer behaviors with your card. This will help create an enhanced marketing experience for acquisition, retention and behavioral targeting.

  • Increase security through tokenization and encryption
  • Control "Virtual Top of Wallet"
  • Leverage payment-level data, including purchases made across entire wallet
  • Learn more about consumer, retailers and preferred payment methods
  • Build competitive brand differentiation and card loyalty
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Branded Stratos Card


The Stratos co-branding program offers a chance to take your promotional partnership to the next level. Build loyalty, add a new premium element with Stratos and reward your customer base. Cards in this program can be customized to include your company's logo or colors on the card itself in conjunction with the Stratos logo and slant design. Working together we can help insure that your brand essence shines through.

  • Reward new and current customers with an exclusive co-branded Stratos Card
  • Customize Stratos Cards to help fit your company's brand & style
  • Co-market through email, social media, website and other platforms
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Branded Stratos Card

Distributors & Resellers

By partnering with Stratos, you will be the first to sell a one-of-a-kind mobile payment solution with proven market potential. We provide you with timely delivery of reliable, quality, innovative Stratos Cards along with outstanding customer service, education, sales support and marketing programs.

  • Introduce a break-through new product to new markets
  • Broaden your product lines to drive incremental revenues
  • Acquire new customers
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Technology Providers

We are working with partners who share a vision to create a secure mobile ecosystem for payments, identification and access. The Stratos Connected Card is based on the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard supported by the majority of smartphones. Our card is backward compatible with existing POS systems using our Dual Stripe Technology. Stratos Card is the preferred and familiar form for consumers everywhere, making it the ideal approach to accelerating the adoption of a simpler way of living.

  • Work on new integrated mobile wallet & card solutions
  • Develop the latest in loyalty marketing & card offers
  • Evolve business travel & expense management
  • Create a more secure financial management & payment environment
  • Strengthen identity & access management
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