Your cards connected. Stratos simplifies your wallet.

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Stratos Card
Stratos Card


Consolidate your wallet.

Add credit, debit, loyalty, gift and membership cards into Stratos – and leave them at home.

  • loyalty

  • rewards

  • debit

  • gym

  • membership

  • credit

  • ATM

  • gift

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Stratos Card
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Stratos Card

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1. Pick your color.

Stratos Card Stratos Card Stratos Card Stratos Card Stratos Card

2. Pick your membership.

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Membership begins upon card activation. Compatible with iOS 8.1.1 (and later) and Android 4.3 (and later).

Membership includes:
  • A personalized Stratos Card; yours to keep
  • Free annual card upgrade; more powerful each year
  • Unique future services: smart suggestions; instant card downloads, card insights & tokenized stripe security
  • Personalized customer support

Please select your card color.

Get a Free Stratos Card

Earn a $15 credit for each friend you successfully refer. Stratos will generate a unique link to share that is tied to your account. You will receive credit automatically each time your link is used to purchase a Stratos Card, up to the full cost of your membership.