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Ann Arbor, MI
48104 USA
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Stratos Card Featured on

"Stratos feels like a fancyman’s credit card, like it belongs to someone who always gets upgraded on flights or has a guy he can call when he needs something done discreetly."

Stratos Card Featured on Fast Company Design

"Whether its solving urban transportation or giving the digital world a tangible face, these are the best product designs of 2015."

Stratos Card Featured on TechSmartt with Keaton Keller

"I've tested out a lot of products and this one is by far the best one I’ve used."

Stratos Card Featured on

"The experience has been terrific. Stratos will get smarter the more you use it. Using a double tap method, Stratos will show you card suggestions based on your current location. If you’re at a gas station, for example, just double tap Stratos on your phone, and the app on your phone will make a suggestion."

Stratos Card Featured on

"My wallet has felt a bit lighter than normal thanks to a new smart card called the Stratos Card. The benefits of a signing up for membership lies in the perks: The company monitors your financial security, and upgrades members’ cards for free once a year with the latest."

Stratos Card Featured on

"Connecting my life: The smart card that finally let me ditch my wallet... and since it has been so reliable, I actually do leave my wallet at home from time to time now, choosing instead to card only the Stratos card and my driver’s license in a slot on my iPhone case."

Stratos Card Featured on Consumer Reports

"A nice feature: You can use a mobile app to automatically lock the card if you happen to misplace it."