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Stratos Connected Card Start-Up Wins at CRM
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Ann Arbor, MI — July 8, 2015 — Stratos, Inc., creator of the Bluetooth Connected Card™ Platform, today announced that it has maintained a consistent 93% satisfaction rate amongst customers for its "white glove" support, since it launched in March. With live chat, email, phone and social media support, Stratos is one of the few startups to offer this level of support, and provide direct contact with its customers.

Stratos’ US based customer care staff are available by live chat, phone, email, web form, and social networking sites from 9am-9pm Eastern Standard Time, 7 days a week. Stratos offers customers the longest customer service hours in addition to much broader support touchpoints than any other wearable or mobile payment offering.

“Our vision is to build long-term relationships with our card members,” said Thiago Olson, Stratos CEO. “This involves both continuously delivering innovative payment solutions and always being on the ready when our members need support. We’ve made it a priority to be available.”

How Customers Get in Touch

According to the Stratos customer care department, customers are most likely to make inquiries via live chat (33%), with email being the second preferred mode of contact (25%). However, customers are increasingly turning to social media, with inquiry rates via Twitter (13%) and Facebook (8%) and climbing.

The research found that customers are also using the automated web form (13%) and mobile SDK (7%) as ways to communicate with Stratos.

When it comes to why Stratos customers contact the customer care line the most, pricing and membership features are the top searches, followed by chip and pin technology, battery life and shipping or availability.

More Customers Choose Stratos

New research from Stratos shows that nearly 50% of US smartphone users prefer to pay with a digital all-in-one card over any other wearable device, and 76% of US smartphone users are interested to very interested in using a smart card. Additionally 1 in 4 consumers are interested in paying with a Stratos card combined with their smartphones.

When asked which next generation payment consumers were interested in using, 23% chose the Stratos card, while others chose a combination of Apple Pay and the Stratos Card (14%) or Samsung Pay and the Stratos Card (13%). Other popular choices include:

  • Apple Pay - 33%
  • Apple Pay for Apple Watch - 12%
  • Samsung Pay for Android - 24%

The Stratos Card membership-based all-in-one digital card consolidates an unlimited number of credit, debit, rewards, membership, gift cards and other payment cards into a single, dynamic card. As consumers gravitate toward next-generation payments, they prefer “universal” payment cards with their familiar ease and convenience, broad acceptance and greater security to smartphones or wearable devices like a smart watch. With the Stratos app, users are sent push notifications when they pass a place where they have a card loaded on Stratos, like Starbucks, for example. Stratos began shipping in April.

About Stratos, Inc.

Stratos is the creator of the award-winning Stratos Bluetooth Connected Card™, which empowers issuers with a new card offering that consolidates an unlimited number of loyalty, membership and gift cards into a single, smart, dynamic card -- digitizing the wallet. With patented security features and acceptance at more places than any other mobile payment offering, Stratos streamlines the payment experience and empowers cardholders to make better payment decisions. Merchants and issuers partnering with Stratos are able to strengthen loyalty and engagement with better data and improved communications to their customers without infrastructure change. Stratos was founded by Thiago Olson, Chris Bartenstein and Henry Balanon and is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company is funded by Toba Capital Partners, Western Technology Investment, Resonant Venture Partners and Hyde Park Venture Partners. For more information, visit Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.