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Stratos Card Begins Shipping In April
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Ann Arbor, MI — April 30, 2015 — Stratos, Inc., today announced shipping of its Stratos Bluetooth Connected Card™, the industry's first membership-based payment solution. Stratos Card combines credit, debit, membership, gift and other magnetic stripe cards in one digital Bluetooth card. After a successful March launch, Stratos begins shipping this month, offering bank-level security, and is smarter and more convenient than traditional payment cards. With its proprietary Dual Stripe technology, Stratos Card works in more places than any other mobile payment offering.

“From consumers to leading banks, merchants and card networks, we’re thrilled to see so much positive feedback since launching Stratos Card just last month, and we’re proud to bring this groundbreaking solution to market,” said Thiago Olson, Co-Founder and CEO of Stratos. “More than 63 percent of U.S. consumers plan to use some form of next generation payment technology. our Stratos Card platform will accelerate mobile adoption by helping people make smarter and more secure payments with a preferred, familiar card form.”

Stratos Unboxed Video

Setting up Stratos is simple – check out the Stratos unboxing and set up process view video. Or, download the Stratos App and add an unlimited number of credit, debit, loyalty, membership and gift cards using the included Stratos Reader. Instantly prioritize and sync your cards from your Stratos Mobile App onto your Stratos Card via Bluetooth. Your top three cards are always available on Stratos, with or without your mobile device. Easily access all your other cards through your app. You will also be able to receive real-time card suggestions through your mobile lock screen. To pay, simply tap to activate Stratos, select your preferred card and swipe just like you would any other credit card.

Best-in-Class Technology

Seventy percent of Americans believe that an all-in-one digital card is a better payment option than wearable technology (e.g. smart watches) for reasons including superior acceptance, security, card consolidation and ease of use.* Stratos takes payments using connected hardware to the next level, leveraging the efficiency and familiarity of a conventional payment card with the power and convenience of a mobile wallet.

Unique Stratos features include:

  • Patented Security. More secure than plastic cards, Stratos’ patented cardholder-controlled Card Lockdown feature can be easily programmed to automatically shut down the card if it falls outside Bluetooth range of your smartphone within a certain designated timeframe. Other security features include bank-level encryption and card details securely stored behind a PIN or Touch ID.
  • Industry-leading Acceptance. Thanks to superior Dual Stripe technology, Stratos outperforms all other mobile payment solutions, including other all-in-one cards, wearable devices and mobile payment offerings. The Stratos Card is the first and only connected card to reliably work where traditional cards are accepted. Critically, Stratos is compatible with POS systems including systems that require full name or Track 1 data.
  • Expert Intelligence. The Stratos Mobile App leverages the mobile lock screen for information that matters, when it matters, including member’s top three favorite cards and their last four-digits for card verification. Coming soon, Stratos will add geo-location and history-based card suggestions and insights to help members make better payment decisions.

“Today’s mobile culture is all about convenience, intelligence and mobility, which is why Stratos seems so relevant,” said Bob Egan, Chief Research Officer of The Sepharim Group. “The Stratos Connected Card is the Fitbit for credit/debit and loyalty cards. The solution appears to bring 21st century modernization to cards we carry - and face it, we’re going to carry plastic cards for a long time. I think potential uses for Stratos go beyond simplifying payments such as identification, fraud reduction and access, that position the solution as a smart choice for on-the-go, connected consumers.”

Unique Membership Experience

The Stratos Card is the only connected card with a membership, which ensures your investment in Stratos is never obsolete. As the Stratos Platform advances, so does your Stratos Card, with free annual upgrades (or replacements) as new payment technology becomes available.

The Stratos Card exceeded its launch goals, with a majority of consumers signing up for a two-year membership in April. Additionally, membership sentiment remains overwhelmingly positive; Stratos boasts a consistent 95 percent customer support satisfaction score, due to its white glove member support (including live chat, phone, email and social communication). Stratos Card memberships can be purchased at

About Stratos, Inc.

Stratos is the creator of the award-winning Stratos Bluetooth Connected Card™, which empowers issuers with a new card offering that consolidates an unlimited number of loyalty, membership and gift cards into a single, smart, dynamic card -- digitizing the wallet. With patented security features and acceptance at more places than any other mobile payment offering, Stratos streamlines the payment experience and empowers cardholders to make better payment decisions. Merchants and issuers partnering with Stratos are able to strengthen loyalty and engagement with better data and improved communications to their customers without infrastructure change. Stratos was founded by Thiago Olson, Chris Bartenstein and Henry Balanon and is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company is funded by Toba Capital Partners, Western Technology Investment, Resonant Venture Partners and Hyde Park Venture Partners. For more information, visit Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.