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Behind the Design

Stratos Card Design

Turn a new concept into an actual product that is easy and intuitive.

Make the look desirable and create a recognizable connection to the brand. Stand out from others.

These were just some of the challenges presented when designing the final look of the Stratos Card.

Stratos Card and Herbst Produkt worked together to design a card that is unique while offering members a choice in determining the look that best fits them.

The creative process consisted of numerous goals and a multitude of design iterations. Manufacturing feasibility as well as consumer testing was required prior to finalizing designs. First, fitting within the functionality of the card. The card itself is less than 1mm thick and designed to replicate the size of a traditional credit card. Between that miniscule amount of space fits integrated circuitry including a battery, touch sensor pads, and a processor alongside LED illumination. The card exterior design needed to incorporated and show off innovative LED illumination and Dual Stripe technology.

Once completed, the next step was to create the full design that defined Stratos with a modern, premium look that gave a secure, simple and trusting feel.

Enter the slant.

“To make the complex simple. That is design’s greatest contribution to an increasingly chaotic world. The bold slant of Stratos Card was intentionally designed to be recognizable and function with the cardmember in mind.” - Scot Herbst

The slant serves two purposes, creating a distinct brand look and allowing the LED lights to stand out when selecting a card.

The final steps included selecting fonts, colors and determining how many options should exist for members. Extensive research went into color selection and for the first generation, five color combinations were chosen: slate, blue, green, salmon and white.

Stratos Card SKUs

As we move forward, we look to add even more innovative design aspects as the card’s technology evolves in future models.

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