Quick Tips

Single Tap Before Swiping

Single tapping wakes up your Stratos Card and activates the status lights which indicate which card is currently selected and ready to use.

Swiping Speed

Swipe your Stratos Card at the normal, brisk speed you normally swipe your cards. Swiping extra slow does not help a payment terminal read Stratos more effectively.

Communicating with Cashiers

Sometimes people are curious about what the Stratos card is. Tell the cashier or server that “it’s a VISA card” - or whatever card you have selected. Sign the back of the Stratos card prominently.

Dip Reader Use

For dip readers (e.g. gas stations and ATMs where you insert then remove the card), insert the card fully, pause for an instant, then remove the card briskly.

Ask Servers to Single Tap

If a server or cashier reports that the card doesn’t work, ask them to tap the card once, and then swipe. You may consider asking a server to do this when you hand the card off.

Battery Recovery Period

If the card is used many times in succession, or syncs several times quickly, the battery may become temporarily drained. The LEDs may fail to light or appear dim. Try resting the Stratos card for several minutes, then tapping it to wake it up. This can also occur if the card becomes very cold (below freezing).

Notifications Not Working

If Bluetooth notifications stop working, try opening the Stratos app, and turning Bluetooth off and on.

Carry a Backup Payment Card

Though Stratos Card is more accepted than any other mobile solution, a small number of individual payment terminals may not work with Stratos. We suggest carrying a backup payment method while our team continues to increase acceptance.